Ed is passionate about Enterprise Information Management ever since his first steps in this arena back in the early days of this century. Over the years Ed has developed strong analytical skills and has guided many in doing requirements analysis before jumping into a solution to meet business needs. Today he is managing the product portfolio of Informed Group in The Netherlands and is part of both their Management Team and Leadership Team.

When not at work, Ed likes to spend time with his family but also to put his eye behind his camera. Most of his photo’s feature animal portraits with an above average presence of Bird of Prey. Aside from animals, he is also likes the impressive landscapes of national parks around the world.
Lately he has been picking up an old habit: aircraft photography. After all, his roots are in military aviation & airshow photography when SD cards and auto focus still had to be invented. These were the days of his Praktica MTL camera's. Later he changed into Minolta and Canon.
Today Ed is using an Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II to his full satisfaction. 

Ed does sell his work through Adobe Stock but also has a large collection on display at Flickr.
All of his work is copyrighted.
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